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Zeppelin Alice is here to bring you some fresh adventure from high above the ground!
After stalking this building for quite some time, and questioning its existence, I came to the conclusion that it was abandoned and I had to climb in through a window in the basement to get in.
I have been sitting all day reading delicious fan fictions until night came and gently put all the people to sleep, you know, so I would not be seen breaking in to that house n' all…
Anyway, at midnight I decided to venture outside my dark room and enter this building for some adventure time! The window I had to climb through was broken and the glass shattered so it was easy getting in. There was even a chair placed below the window so you didn't have to jump and all, and be all noisy…
However there was a lot of glass on the chair and floor so I was pretty much ruining my ninja plan.
So this house is 4 stores tall included the basement, and my adventure begins in the basement. It consisted of a hall with several doors leading into rooms that would freak out any cold hearted dude. One door was locked, and unable to break down, so I've settled with believing there is a demon in there meaning the door is locked for a reason.
I also found a room where I am pretty sure baby sacrifices happened… or just a room some dudes would go smoke weed in. There were two chairs, placed in the middle was a drawing of some flowers and a vase (it was really beautiful artwork!) and a joker card. In the corner was a cage, and since the room was dark, I was really worried about getting my flashlight out. For all I knew, there could be a baby sitting there staring at me, but there was no baby and the cage was empty. Leaving the room I found a rabbit's leash, you know that thing you have on rabbits? It was pink.
Moving on I found a bunch of books with a particular handsome fella on the cover, and after nodding approvingly in the books direction I knew that book- man would cover my back if angry baby spirits attacked. Then I found the stairs leading down to an open door, and it was completely dark. Moving with caution down the stairs and looking around I realized that this was the fire cellar, and hanging from the ceiling was a hangman's noose, and then I left and moved to the next floor. Nothing really happened there, but the house kept leaving crude messages on the walls, telling me to die.
Shrugging it off, I jumped up the stairs to the third floors, finding the final resting place of Heath Ledger, or birth place, I don't really know. Actually I just found a really old poster of him on the floor.
On the fourth and last floor, I was fearing for my well being as the floor in one particular room gave the impression that it was gonna swallow me and I was starting worry that the house had evolved into some kinda creature because of all the dead bugs, dead birds and cat hair. The building did also have a funny smell, probably just dead babies, but still.
Suddenly the whole building just went ''GROAAAAAN'' and I got my sorry ass out of there, and as soon as I jumped out of the window in the basement I heard a really scary screechy noise coming from somewhere inside the basement. I then I had to change my pants.
All in all, the trip was pretty fun, though all the spider webs kept touching my hair, going '' I'm just gonna touch your hair, making you feel all yucky, yup, '' that was very annoying. It would have been better if I had Three Dog screaming in my year, telling me how evil I am and then gently putting on Civilization by Danny Kaye and The Andrew sisters.
Oh, and the entire place was filled with pointless rooms with big doors that's gonna shut close the moment you step inside them, and other places where you would find dead babies or kids locked up.


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